Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership

Did you know that Indiana has the seventh worst infant mortality rate in the United States? Every year, about 600 Indiana babies die before their first birthday. The infant mortality rate is more than twice as high for African American babies compared to Caucasians, and higher for those living in poverty regardless of race. To address this disparity, Goodwill of Michiana has implemented Nurse-Family Partnership to create better health outcomes for first-time moms and their babies.

Nurse-Family Partnership pairs first-time moms with a registered nurse to support them throughout their pregnancy until their baby is two years old.

Nurses provide moms with the advice and information they need to have a healthy baby and be a great mom. Families also receive case management support to help them with housing, education, employment, childcare, and more until their baby reaches five years old.
Nurse-Family Partnership is an international, evidence-based program, widely researched and recognized for improving health and social outcomes.

Who can participate in Nurse-Family Partnership?

Any woman who:

  • Is pregnant with her first child (no previous live births)
  • Is less than 28 weeks pregnant
  • Meets income eligibility*
  • Lives in St. Joseph, Elkhart, La Porte, or Lake counties. For a full list of other counties in Indiana where Nurse-Family Partnership is available, click here

How can I join this program?

If you’re pregnant with your first baby and you’re interested in joining Nurse-Family Partnership, please fill out our online self-referral form here.

You may also get in touch by phone, text or email and a Nurse-Family Partnership staff member will reach out to you soon.

For women living in St. Joseph, Elkhart, or La Porte Counties:
Call 574-472-7378, text 844-637-6667, or email

For women living in Lake County:
Call 219-444-2000, text 219-472-2424, or email

*Income is based on 200% FPL. Anyone eligible for programs such as Medicaid, HIP, Hoosier Healthwise, WIC, SNAP, or TANF would meet income guidelines for NFP, but, they do not have to participate in any of these programs to enroll in NFP. There are no age, medical, language, or immigration restrictions.