Our Goal is to eliminate poverty to create a flourishing community.

Here’s how we do it:

Getting Ahead in a Getting By World

Discover 11 personal resources needed to move from instability to self-sufficiency.

Learn the Hidden Rules of class becoming aware of the socio-economic barriers and how it im-pacts lives.

Develop a realistic step-by-step plan to achieve their goal.

Training workshops for Business Leadership

Help teams discover the cross-cultural “hidden rules” and strategies to improve customer and client service satisfaction

• Offers professional business development opportunities

• Provides Business Executives and their staff tools to develop a supportive working culture

Financial Management Class

• Managing personal finances by learning how to budget and save money

• Developing trusted Banking relationships to recover and build credit as well as building assets

Access to a mentor during and after class ends through Guest speakers who are community and financial experts

E.R.N. (Employer Resource Network)

Are you tired of losing $4k every time an employee leaves?

Let our Resource Navigator be the connection between you and your employees to improve company culture and help you retain employees.

How we help:

• Bringing stability to your employees and their families

• Minimizing turnover

Dedicated on-site Success Coach to help employee navigate through daily non-work related problems.

• Create a better work culture

Join the network of Businesses Bridging the Gap of poverty today!

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