More Capacity
Our labor, space and equipment for specialized and non-recurring jobs expand your capacity to meet customer demands. When workloads peak, we’ll support your staff and eliminate the need to increase personnel or hire temporary employees. Delegating work to Goodwill Industrial Services can free space in your facility for other more critical operations.

The services we provide and the surrounding work environment are tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

Your Company  Bigger
Many smaller or start-up businesses find that a partnership with Goodwill Industrial Services offers them a “virtual factory”.  We can assemble, package, warehouse, and ship your product directly to the customer.  This eliminates the need to rent space, buy equipment, and manage employees.

More Core
When customer demands mean taking on tasks that are not within your core competency, Goodwill Industrial Services enables you to focus on the essential activities of your business.  Let our team handle the unique jobs, so your most skilled employees can focus on the more critical components.  We’ve helped large corporations and small start-ups with a variety of projects, such as:

  • Assembling die-cut corrugated build-ups for automotive parts shipment
  • Packaging hardware and fastener kits
  • Installing cargo nets to automotive seat backs
  • Packaging medical test kits
  • Cleaning and inspecting aircraft parts
  • Assembling lighting fixtures
  • Packaging HVAC replacement parts
  • Labeling metal, plastic and corrugated containers for adhesives

More For The Community
Working with Goodwill Industrial Services does more than expand your capabilities – it expands your reach into the community.  We provide jobs, training, and placement services for people with barriers to employment.  Vocational training and real work experience offer self-sufficiency and install confidence.  Goodwill changes lives by teaching the value of productive work and a steady income.

We provide vocational services to over 5,000 individuals annually, helping them become productive members of the labor force.

More Capability
Goodwill Industrial Services expands your capability by providing specialized packaging and mail room equipment, additional staff, and warehouse space that may not be available internally.  Our management team is experienced in developing custom solutions to fit your needs.

More Competitive
Cost Efficiency
Quality Assurance
On-Time Delivery