Goodwill Blog

Stop in frequently. Most stores have a constant turnover of merchandise on a daily basis.

We value our customers…and we know that they appreciate a good value.

We have provided some suggestions below to help make your shopping experience pleasant, easy, and successful.

These tips give you fast ways to find terrific merchandise at a great price in our stores–a value nobody can beat!

The more of these tools you become comfortable with, the more productive and satisfying your Goodwill Shopping will be.

Try two or three today and then add more as you become familiar with our stores. You will be a veteran Goodwill shopper before you know it.

Tip #1 ~ Store Personnel

We are here to serve you and are always delighted to be of assistance. We are familiar with our merchandise and how to shop our store and we can show you how to put these tools to work for you.

Tip #2 ~ Inspection

We try to have only the best quality items in our stores. There are plenty of good things to choose from. Remember, torn fabric is one thing, but a separated seam is easy to repair. If a button is missing, look for extras sewn near the hem, or one that could be moved from a place where it doesn’t matter if the replacement matches.

Tip #3 ~ Find Quality Fast

We have a Boutique section in most stores. This section carries famous well known labels such as Guess and Ralph Lauren. We also have quality throughout the store that you can find easily by just touching the garment and looking at the fabric content in the labels of the garments.

Tip #4 ~ Your Size

Slacks & Pants in our stores are organized by size for your convenience. We have a Plus Size section for your shopping ease. Some helpful hints for items not organized by size:

  • Look for a size label.
  • If there isn’t one, measure across the back of your shoulders for a guide in determining the size you need in tops. If you don’t have a tape measure, we will be happy to let you use ours.
  • Look in the breast pocket of men’s suits for a size.
  • Look at the way the garment hangs on a hanger. The shoulder seam on bigger sizes hangs off the hanger. The sleeve on a bigger size hangs closer to the floor.

Tip #5 ~ Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners can make many repairs and alterations quickly and very inexpensively. If the garment is only wrinkled, remember to visualize what it will look like when it is cleaned and pressed.

Tip #6 ~ Organization

Our clothing is organized by gender and age. (Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Infants, Toddlers) You may find some clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, sweat shirts, and sweat pants in a unisex section.

Tip #7 ~ Shop All Our Stores

We are not like other stores where all the locations have the same things. Each of our stores has its own unique treasures. Example: Western Avenue store in South Bend has furniture, small electrical appliances, and a collector’s corner.

Tip #8 ~ Keep An Open Mind

If you came in looking for jeans be sure to at least give a quick look at as much of our other merchandise as you possibly have time for. Goodwill stores get fresh merchandise every day, so you never know when or where you’ll come across a real treasure. It can happen today…and tomorrow and next week. It pays to shop Goodwill regularly and thoroughly. You’ll be rewarded if you do!

Tip #9 ~ Holiday Treasures

Visit us for an inexpensive Easter dress, a creative Halloween costume, or an ugly Christmas sweater. For all of those occasions you would purchase a one-time outfit, consider checking out your local Goodwill store to see what they have to offer.

Tip #10 ~ Creative Play and Dramatic Plays

Do your kids or grandkids like to play dress up? Searching for items for those dress-up Spirit Days for the classroom or office? In need of accessories or props for community theater or a church drama? Look no further! Goodwill offers a variety of items that can be used in creative ways.