Good For Business


What is “Goodwill for Business”? Goodwill for business is a section of our website containing all the information businesses need to know. Goodwill is good business! On the right you will notice the navigation menu which will help you drill down to the topic that most interests YOU!  Below the navigation menu is contact information that will change as you click different sections so you can be connected directly to the person that can answer your questions.

What you will find in “Goodwill for Business”:

  • Industrial Services:
    • Goodwill Industrial Services expands your businesses capability by providing specialized packaging, mailing, manufacturing, and wiping cloths solutions. We provide excellent service, lower cost, quality assurance, and on-time delivery.


  • Program Services:
    • Goodwill is here to help the community. One way your business can give back to the community is by participating in one of our programs or networks.


  • Corporate Donors:
    • Have some nice office furniture cluttering up valuable space? Have old computers you don’t know what to do with? Want to give back to the community and support one of our Job Training or Employment Assistance programs? Goodwill is your answer.
  • Catering by Chef G:
    • Goodwill’s best kept secret is our catering. Not only can we cater breakfast, lunch, or dinner at your location we also have rooms available to host your event.


  • Food Handling Training:
    • Have a commercial kitchen of your own? We can train and certify your employees on how to properly handle food and food work areas.