Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division provides a resource of equipment, facilities and labor that enable the manufacturer or marketer of a product to outsource specialized packaging and assembly projects, reworks, or an entire packaging or manufacturing process.

Outsourcing to Goodwill yields many benefits:

  • Frees you to focus on your core business.
    • Frees space in your facility for other uses.
    • Frees capital by reducing your need for equipment.
    • Provides shorter lead times via the use of a specialized facility.
    • Reduces your in-house labor and benefit costs.
    • Provides a resource of labor and space for specialized or non-recurring jobs.
  • Delegating work to Goodwill Industrial Services can free space in your facility for other more critical operations.


Learn More:

How can we help your business grow? We can do short-term, seasonal, or special assembly projects that are easier or less expensive to outsource than produce in-house. These projects provide valuable training to Goodwill participants. Contact us today, and ask for Industrial Services for more information.